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Zero Waste Requirements in Boulder
Zero Waste Requirements in Boulder
Should all Boulder apartment buildings and businesses be required to recycle and compost by mid 2016 or by mid 2018?
Help spread the word. Encourage other Boulder residents to participate!

Based on community feedback through Inspire Boulder and other other venues, and on City Council direction, the proposed Universal Zero Waste Ordinance seeks to ensure:

1) All property owners provide adequate trash, recycling and composting service to
their tenants and occupants;

2) All businesses separate their recyclables and compostables from the trash,
providing properly placed containers and signage to facilitate the collection of
recyclables and compostables;

3) And all special events in Boulder provide both recycling and composting.

The following questions relate to the proposed Universal Zero Waste Ordinance. To read a full draft of the ordinance, follow the link below or open Topic Details.

More Info:
DRAFT Universal Zero Waste Ordinance
THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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