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What can we do SOON to improve the area?
What can we do SOON to improve the area?
What can we do in the short-term to improve the Boulder Civic Area?
Help spread the word. Encourage other Boulder residents to participate!
What can we do SOON to improve the area?

Thanks to community input, the Boulder Civic Area project is beginning to develop a long-term (20+ year) vision for the heart of Boulder. But, the community has also expressed a lot of interest in seeing near-term solutions – like lighting, art and seating. These “catalytic” ideas are improvements that could be done fairly quickly (i.e., within 2 years), for a reasonable cost and would help make the area more inviting and functional, while the city works toward the community’s longer-term vision.

Some of the ideas we’ve heard are:

//Make the area (or a specific site) family-friendly, safe and more welcoming with amenities like more parks features, improved lighting, etc.

//Provide temporary solutions for the Farmers’ Market such as improved space configuration or expansion, circulation and service/delivery improvements

//Add new amenities like seating, sculptures/ art, water features, gardens, or play areas

//Improve access and enhance Boulder Creek and the Farmers’ Ditch

//Add a cohesive design theme (e.g. signs, lights, landscaping, etc.) to give identity to and unite the area

//Develop more programming in the area like music in bandshell, art exhibit in park, etc.

What’s your catalytic idea?

More Info:
You can learn more at the Dec. 5 Open House!

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