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Transportation Maintenance Fee in Boulder?
Transportation Maintenance Fee in Boulder?
At what level would you support a Transportation Maintenance Fee, to support maintenance of our streets, bike paths and sidewalks?
Help spread the word. Encourage other Boulder residents to participate!
Transportation Maintenance Fee in Boulder?

Would YOU be willing to pay for transportation maintenance?

Since 2001, transportation funding has decreased while inflation and construction costs have increased. This scenario creates a substantial gap in transportation’s purchasing power.

Due to this funding gap, the city has been forced to:
1. Defer maintenance on some streets, sidewalks, and multi-use paths;
2. Reduce transit services since 2000; and
3. Cut back on snow plowing, street sweeping, + many more

To close this gap, the city is proposing a Transportation Maintenance Fee (TMF) as a local and reliable funding source. This potential fee would be paid by all commercial and residential properties in the city (through utility bills) and used to maintain core transportation infrastructure. While the rate for commercial properties would be assessed on land use and vehicle trip generation, residents would pay a flat rate.

More Info:
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