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North Trail Study Area Plan Interests
North Trail Study Area Plan Interests
What would you like to see improved, changed or preserved in the North Trail Study Area (TSA) and why?
Help spread the word. Encourage other Boulder residents to participate!

Open Space and Mountain Parks wants to understand community members’ interests or reasons behind desired outcomes for the North Trail Study Area. We also would like to know how other interests may affect your interest on city open space north of Linden Avenue. Feedback is welcomed through Sunday, July 19.

One way to think about these questions is to complete the following sentences.

1) I would like ______ because ______.

2) I would like ______ in order to _____.

When preparing your comments, also consider the examples below:

1) I would like a new trail from ______ to______ because it will make a shorter connection between these two scenic sites I enjoy visiting and it would create a loop trail rather than a long out-and-back experience.

2) I would like ______ Trail to separate activities more for improved safety.

3) I would like habitat for the rare grassland butterflies to be expanded in order to ensure there is enough habitat for these butterfly populations.

4) I would like the ______ Trail to be moved closer to the lake because I want to experience the unique bird watching opportunities.

5) I would like the ______ Trail to be moved away from ______ Creek in order to protect sensitive habitat for song birds.

6) I would like the area next to ______ Reservoir to remain without trails in order to preserve the large, unfragmented habitat it provides for prairie dogs and grassland birds.

If you want to better understand what an interest is, look at this example: http://web.mit.edu/negotiation/www/NBivsp.html

More Info:
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