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Transportation Maintenance
Transportation Maintenance
What should the city do about declining street, sidewalk, & bike path maintenance?
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Transportation Maintenance

Transportation funding faces a one-two punch. Since 2001, transportation funding has decreased while inflation and construction costs have increased. This scenario creates a substantial gap in the Transportation Division's purchasing power.

The city’s large and complex transportation system is one of its most valuable assets. Maintenance costs are on the rise for roads, sidewalks and multi-use paths. We simply don’t have the money to do it all. As a result, the city has had to defer some routine maintenance. It’s the same concept as your car or house, deferred maintenance leads to higher repair costs later. In some cases, this has resulted in not maintaining industry standards or preferred maintenance practices.

The 2013 TMP Update is a year-long community planning effort to advance and innovate Boulder’s transportation policies, programs and facilities for generations to come. This master plan update will also integrate the city’s Sustainability Initiatives and Climate Commitment goals to ensure coordination and thoughtful planning with other large city initiatives.

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