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Folsom "Complete Street" Living Lab
Folsom "Complete Street" Living Lab
How does the new Folsom "Complete Street" affect your ability to get around Boulder?
Help spread the word. Encourage other Boulder residents to participate!
Folsom "Complete Street" Living Lab
Folsom "Complete Street" Living Lab

To enhance travel safety, the City of Boulder is installing a Living Lab pilot project that will temporarily repurpose vehicle lanes along Folsom Street between Valmont Road and Colorado Avenue.

The Folsom Street Living Lab will use signs, painted pavement markings, and flexible delineators that will be easy to remove if the city determines that the experiment needs to be refined or discontinued.

The city will assess the Folsom Street Living Lab for four weeks and then check in with the Transportation Advisory Board and City Council prior to the proposed installations along the Iris Avenue and 63rd Street corridors. This phased approach will allow the city to carefully monitor conditions and respond to any unintended consequences.

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