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Finalist: Vertically Oriented
Finalist: Vertically Oriented
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Finalist: Vertically Oriented

Symbolic form follows function: Our approach has been to create a unified element through which a prominent position may start to have an effect larger than itself.

This element is part object, part subject... A narrow base is split by an archway covered by a large canopy. Undulating walls emanate from a rigid structural spine. As viewed by pedestrians on 11th street, making their way from the end of the Pearl Street walking mall, it is an art form. As a backdrop, this could be interpreted in many ways and for many reasons. It’s up to you.

part path, part vertical climbing surface...
Climbers can explore the variety of ice, rock and mixed routes. Overhangs pull off to
the east and west allowing for large audience spaces. This area is already a junction
of several path systems. A new path is set up which invites one from simply looking to
exploring. This path is a direct extension of the park.

part internal landscape, part external view finder...
Once inside, hikers follows a series of rising surfaces and decks through an organic
and ever-changing landscape. “Windows” occur letting in light while framing important
views. Climbers can be viewed on route. Once at the top observation deck, a system
of way-finding points orients visitors to local and distant landmarks, history, natural
environments and other recreation.

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