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Finalist: Unification of Central Park
Finalist: Unification of Central Park
Is this idea the right long-term vision for the Boulder Civic Area?
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Finalist: Unification of Central Park

Reconciling the Urban with the Rural:

• Eliminate surface parking and replace with green space. Push parking areas to the extremities.
• Make the park a destination and an attraction, not a pass through.
• Have a space for everyone. Provide more specific programed areas such as Children’s playground, Yoga areas, and rock climbing wall.
• Construct a new Farmers Market building to be the anchor of the park.
• Have a space for Farmers Market
• Showcase community gardens and sell the goods in the market.
• Weave in bike/ pedestrian paths in with the creek.
• Use indigenes landscaping along with community gardens.
• Have all the paths ramble to emphasize the journey not the destination.

More Info:
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