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Finalist: Sunday in the Park
Finalist: Sunday in the Park
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Finalist: Sunday in the Park

Our approach is to build upon the considerable existing attributes and proximities by defining
spaces and use areas and enhancing connections to promote a diversity of activities and users
enjoying the Civic Area at all times of the day. Equally important is the diminution of
automobiles, both their visibility and use.

Perhaps the most prominent attribute is the creek and green space between the Library and
Municipal Building. We enlarged the park, making it more contiguous, creating the largest green
space in the city, but with defined spaces better able to accommodate and promote multiple uses,
from recreation, to art viewing, meditation and education. The park is bookended with developed
nodes that both define the east and west edges of the Civic Area and transition to surrounding

Increased and enhanced connections and gateways to the Civic Area are essential so that
the experience of moving toward and through the Civic Area is intuitive, convenient, safe and
delightful. Framing of views toward distant landscape features is employed throughout. The new
spatial qualities and connections enhance the overall experience of engagement and augment
the appreciation of existing amenities.

The approach strikes a delicate balance between green space and development. There are
defined development areas for public functions (Municipal Campus, Library, Senior/grandchild
Center) and for commercial activity complementary to the Pearl Street and the downtown
commercial areas (arts district, farmer’s market, teahouse, restaurants) - amenities that promote
vitality, active use of the area and civic engagement. Where new buildings are proposed, both
inside the park and at nodes, they should be the highest caliber architectural “jewels”. To
achieve this all building should be the result of open architectural competitions. Public private
partnerships will be beneficial to effecting the building program.

Proximities are another driver of the approach. The existing amenities (creek bike/ped path,
public transit connections, walkability, grocery store, library and farmers’ market) within this
central area plus the new amenities (restaurant, cafe, plazas, amphitheater) reinforce the
importance of expanding the senior citizen services node. The proposal redevelops the senior
center site to be a Senior/grandchild Center and across Arapahoe, develops new senior town
housing and an apartment tower. With the University’s and business district’s proximity, a wide
diversity of people across all age groups will utilize the Civic Area.

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