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Finalist: Boulder Civic Area Vision Project
Finalist: Boulder Civic Area Vision Project
Is this idea the right long-term vision for the Boulder Civic Area?
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Finalist: Boulder Civic Area Vision Project

Change, especially large scale change, is often a difficult process to initiate during tight financial times. A compelling force is often required to make the financial commitment to see the process through to completion. For the Civic Area, “Life and Property Safety” will serve as that force. Useable building structures and parking areas which lie within the Boulder Creek High Hazard Area must be removed. This process will require a shuffling of uses which the community feels should remain within the Civic Area, and in turn, will provide the opportunity for the Civic Area to reach its’ full
potential as “The Civic Heart of Boulder”. Although this submission follows the outline provided, I would place “Life and Property Safety” as the first principal and catalyst to
create the opportunity to shape the “Civic Heart of Boulder”.

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