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Finalist: Artifact
Finalist: Artifact
Is this the best idea for a short-term, catalytic project for the Boulder Civic Area?
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Finalist: Artifact

A simple glass enclosure, in the shape of an oval in plan, will serve like a gallery or storefront window display onto the park, enhancing its existing assets of public art by expanding the network. Like the programmed art plazas at Chicago’s Millennium
Park, Artifact will help link the park to the
downtown core.

For installations, the glass enclosure will allow for the full range of media – such as art that uses paper, electrical connections, or anything that would otherwise not be viewable in an exterior setting. The enclosure also makes the temporary installations possible year‐round. With this facility, new kinds of public art can be exhibited by local
and invited artists, going beyond the large‐scale sculptures common in public art.

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