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Do It Yourself Transit
Do It Yourself Transit
What are your transit priorities?
Help spread the word. Encourage other Boulder residents to participate!
Do It Yourself Transit

Create your own custom vision for transit in Boulder! The Design Your Transit tool
(LINK BELOW) lets you prioritize investments such as service, fares, access and connections, amenities, and many more. So get to it ... design YOUR ideal transit system. Your response and participation will inform the city’s 2013 Transportation Master Plan Update.

More Info:
Design your custom system NOW!
Mike B13
Thanks for all the comments! For everyone who is commenting about biking in Boulder, if you have a minute, please provide feedback on the 2 other biking surveys we have available NOW:

> Bike Access on the Spruce Street Corridor; and
> Creating a Better North/South Bike Friendly Corridor

Just use the navigation on the left, under 'Topics' to access the surveys. Thanks!

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