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Biking in Boulder
Biking in Boulder
Boulder's Bike System: What's working and what's not?
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Biking in Boulder

We appreciate your feedback on our survey the first time around! Unfortunately, the survey wasn't programmed right and we heard you loud and clear ... so, here we go - one more time!
Transportation Master Plan Update (TMP) | Complete Streets innovations
2013 is the year of the bike and pedestrian customer! We want to know how to better program our multi-use path system to attract new riders and “Interested but Concerned Cyclists” – people that like to ride their bike but have concerns that keep them from riding everyday.

This survey is just one of a series that we will be posted throughout the Transportation Master Plan update process to facilitate a community wide discussion. We appreciate all of your comments and feedback; they are taken into serious consideration when planning biking in Boulder.

More Info:
See a one page info sheet
See more info on Complete Streets Innovations
THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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