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Bike Parking | Complete Streets
Bike Parking | Complete Streets
Where do you park your bike?
Help spread the word. Encourage other Boulder residents to participate!
Bike Parking | Complete Streets

Boulderites jump on their bikes 20 times more than the national average. Every bicycle trip begins and ends with the need for a safe and secure place to park your bike.
So ... how long a cyclist will leave their bicycle is important to understanding where and what type of bike parking to provide.

WE WANT TO KNOW: where you currently park your bike at the end of your trip(s) and whether it works for you or not, and why. Even better, share a photo of your bike parking spot!

Your input will be used as the city develops strategies to better meet bike parking and cyclist needs as part of the 2013 Transportation Master Plan update.

More Info:
More info: Bike and Pedestrian Innovations | Transportation Master Plan update

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