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Are we missing anything?
Are we missing anything?
Take a look at the DRAFT Guiding Principles for the Boulder Civic Area. Are we on the right track? Did we miss anything? Let us know before we go to council on Nov. 1.
Help spread the word. Encourage other Boulder residents to participate!
Are we missing anything?

Since July 2012, the Boulder Civic Area Project has been asking residents, businesses and visitors to share thier ideas and vision for heart of central Boulder. We've imagined, collaborated, discussed and worked together. Based on what we've heard, here is a boiled-down version of the most important themes to guide and evaluate concepts/options in the next phase of the project.

More Info:
DRAFT Guiding Principles
Mike B13
Big thanks to everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback on the DRAFT Guiding Principles! We'll continue to to take feedback through Saturday, Oct. 20. After that, the draft principles - including your input - will be delivered to City Council on Nov. 1 for consideration.

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