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Please help us prioritize locations for ten new B-stations in 2013!
Please help us prioritize locations for ten new B-stations in 2013!
Boulder B-cycle has funding for ten new stations in 2013. Where do you think a B-cycle station is needed?
Help spread the word. Encourage other Boulder residents to participate!
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Please help us prioritize locations for ten new B-stations in 2013!

These 20 locations were chosen based upon locations that were suggested by the community at the Station Planning Workshop in November 2012 and through previous outreach and analysis of the system and land use.

Criteria that is considered when siting a new B-station:
• Near pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, transit, and/or eGo car locations
• Great visibility from a variety of transportation modes
• Near high residential and employment density
• Near existing annual members
• Near a destination
• ¼- ½ mile from existing or planned B-stations
• Environmental factors (hills, flood plains, etc.)

We look forward to getting your feedback on these locations, and we will consider it greatly when deciding on the final 10 stations for 2013. As these stations are grant funded and there are a variety of issues that can arise when implementing a location, we cannot guarantee the locations identified as high priorities through this process will be implemented in 2013. Please keep in mind location dots represent a general area versus an exact location.

More Info:
Potential station locations and descriptions
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Randall R
The map above can be zoomed and panned. The blue pins represent existing B-cycle stations while the red pins are the twenty potential stations more fully described below. A more detailed local area map and location description are provided for each below.

20 Potential locations for Boulder B-cycle stations

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